Know How To Find Comparable Properties When Appealing Your Property Tax Assessment

Do you feel like you were recently given an unfair assessment with your home's property taxes? If so, you'll likely try to fight it by submitting a formal appeal. Part of this process is that you need to find a comparable property to compare your home to, which will show that your home is actually worth less than the assessed value. Here are some tips for finding those comparable properties.  [Read More]

4 Things To Consider When Buying A Retirement Home

If you're thinking ahead for your future, you may be considering your retirement years. There is a lot of planning involved in order to save enough money for retirement and make sure that you have everything that you need for a comfortable post-career life. Many people choose to invest in a retirement home so they have a place to live during their next chapter of life. Here are some things to consider when buying a retirement home: [Read More]

Save Time On Cleaning by Prioritizing Certain Qualities When Buying a Home

While you may enjoy inviting guests over and cooking food for your family, you may not like all the cleaning that comes afterward. When you are interested in buying a home, you will not be able to avoid the need to clean up your home, but you can make it easier in several ways. Going into the house-hunting process while knowing what to prioritize regarding features will help you shop efficiently and purchase a home that keeps cleaning to a minimum. [Read More]

Why You Should Get A Beach Timeshare

Timeshares are a great way for families to travel at least once a year, set money aside each month to do so, and create memories in the same spot. Although you can get a timeshare just about anywhere, one of the best places to get one is on the beach, but why?  They Hold Their Value One of the best things to know about timeshares is that if you ever get into a financial pickle, you can sell them. [Read More]